Lancelot-Graal Project
Amsterdam, Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, MS 1, vol. ii, f. 202r

                                                                                                      Miniature: Description

In foreground, standing on a patterned floor to the right, facing left, a damsel wearing an ermine-lined cloak and holding in her hands a box (paintd in liquid gold) containing the sealed letter which she is just removing from the box, the letter and its red seal on an attached tag are visible against her orange robe (she also wears an ermine-lined cloak). Slightly behind her, and slightly to her left, a bareheaded and bearded elderly man. Further back and seated all on the same level, (starting from the right) the crowned figure of Arthur, looking towards the figures, with his left hand raised, to the left (the King's right) a crowned female figure, Guinevere presumably, with same attitude and gesture, holding a small dog on her lap; to the left (the queen's right) three male figures talking to one another (the one on the right turned left, the central figure facing forward, the one on the left turned towards his right; two other partial figures (male on left, female right). Architectural background of arches with turrents projeting into the rubric space and a band of quatrefoils in white against a black background behind these figures. In the foreground is a long scarf with a fringe at each end, lying on the black and white chequerboard floor.


The miniature appears to deal with the stage after the elderly man has handed the box with the letter to the damsel. Note that the Queen is there beside the King - the text says that the king sends for her later (as requested by the damsel). The earlier description of the damsel says that she has removed her wimple. She still has it on in the miniature, but there is a long scarf on the ground; she holds the gold box and is in the act of taking out the sealed letter from it--elements depicted here but not found in the corresponding picture in Add.

Courtesy of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica