Lancelot-Graal Project
Amsterdam, Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, MS 1, vol. ii, f. 202r

The right margin on this page is full of several different kinds of blemishes: at the top right corner are two stretch marks in the parchment; below is aa diagonal stroke in ink, perhaps a marker for the adjacent text passage; below that are two diagonal markins which are probably again stretch marks in the parchment, of a different type than those in the top corner.  Further down, a 19th century owner has written 'Chapter 107', a correlation to a printed edition of the text.  The rest of the parchment reveals much unevenness in colour and texture, standard features characteristic of the parchment used for making this book.  Its colour is overall light with few dark markings and as is usual, the bottom right corner looks dirtier than the rest--that discolouration is due to centuries of fingers turning the page.  The more prominent light brown mark in the shape of an upside-down heart is perhaps a spill-mark: was someone perhaps drinking a glass of wine as they read ?  only a technical analysis would confirm this idea !
© Courtesy of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica