PARIS, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS fr. 95, Estoire del saint Graal

Images of details on this page were downloaded with permission.  A few full-page images are also available and are linked to folio numbers.
References are to Sommer's edition vol. 1.  Text is © Alison Stones.

f. 1 (S I 3.1) The Trinity
worshipped by angels.

f. 4v (S I 10.36) The hermit-author and the beast
at a nunnery; he blesses the man
possessed.  Border: dragon-terminal
bites rear of naked headless male terminal
wielding sword.

f. 6 (S I 13.37) The Deposition of
Christ; the Entombment of Christ.

f. 10 (S I 23.2) The Annunciation
to the Virgin; Joseph and his followers
preach to King Evalach.

f. 12v (S I 27 n. 11) King Evalach's

f. 13v (S I 29.19 + var) Joseph and his
followers blessed and given a mission;
they preach to King Evalach.

f. 18 (S I 40. 8) Josephé celebrates
the Grail Mass.

f. 22v (S I 51.21) King Evalach
hears news of Tholomer's impending
attack; he ridesto meet his

f. 24 (S I 56.18) Mounted combat
between Cerafes and Conrad.

f. 24v (S I 57.33) Mounted combat
between King Evalach's and King
Tholomer's forces.

f. 25v (S I 62.16) The White Knight
supports Evalach against Tholomer.

f. 30 (S I 76.2 + var) Capture of the
devil Alesafas;  baptism of King
Evalach (named Mordrain)
and his men.

f. 32 (S I 83.17) Queen Saracinte
and Nascien burn a naked female
idol before Bishop Josephé; Queen
Sarracinte and King Mordrain watch
Joseph and his followers leave Sarras.

f. 33v (S I 86.30) Queen Sarracinte
finds her men swooned in the castle;
Nascien siezed and emprisoned. 
Border: centaur-terminals fight with
swords and bucklers.

f. 39 (S I 107.24) Nascien saved
from the burning prison by the
Hand of God; chased by
Calafer, he is saved by the Hand
of God.

f. 40v (S I 111.19) Flegentine and
her squire received by Corsapin and
his wife; they ride off in search of

f. 42 (S I 114.30) Nascien carried to
the Turning Island in a cloud. 
Border: male and female
dragon-terminals embrace.

f. 43 (S I 117.28) Nascien on the
Turning Island dreaming of birds.

f. 44v (S I 120.8) Nascien blessed
by the Hand of God; he approaches
Solomon's Ship.

f. 49v (S I 130.6) The Three Trees,
the wood of Solomon's Ship. 
Border: dragon.

f. 52 (S I 136.3) Solomon's Dream
of the Enchanted Ship; Solomon,
his Queenand a squire stand by
the Ship.

f. 52v (S I 136.25) Nascien on
Solomon's Ship; Nascien and the old
man in the small boat.  Border: male
and female terminals blow trumpets
and ring hand-bells.

f. 55 (S I 145.11) King Label's
Dream; Celidoine explains the Dream.

f. 59 (S I 158.23) Celidoine cast
out to sea with a lion by Label's men. 
Border: hooded male hybrid;
centaur-terminal rings hand-bells.

f. 61v (S I 164.4) Queen Sarracinte's
men ride out in search of Nascien;
they sail in his pursuit.

f. 64v (S I 171.1) Hippocrates cures
Caesar Augustus' nephew; he is
thanked by the emperor.

f. 66v (S I 176.1) Hippocrates
suspended in a basket.

f. 69v (S I 182.34) Queen Sarracinte's
messengers at Hippocrates' tomb;
they find Solomon's Ship.

f. 74 (S I 193.19) The messengers,
damsel and Nascien in Solomon's
Ship meet Christ in another ship;
they sail to Baruc.

f.76v (S I 203.11) Nascien blessed
by Christ and handed a scroll; he
reads the scroll.

f. 78 (S I 207.24 + var) Flegentine and
her ladies at the castle of Bellic.
Jousting centaur-terminals bear the arms
of Flanders/Hainaut and Brabant.

f. 82v (S I 219.11) Duke Ganor's Dream;
Bishop Josephé explains the Dream.

f. 86v (S I 231.4) Joseph and Bishop
Josephé  before King Crudens; they
are emprisoned.

f. 89v (S I 240.24 + var) Mounted
combat between King Mordrain
and King Crudens and their men;
Crudens' army routed.

f. 94v (S I 253.20) Death of the
Sarracen Argon; arrest of Joseph.

f. 99v (S I 264.5) Simeu wounding
Perron and his brothers; Simeu
judged by Bishop Josephé.

f. 100 (S I 266.3) Simeu carried off
by flaming figures; Canaam in a pit.

f. 101v (S I 270.1) Perron in his boat;
Perrion arriving at Orcanie.

f. 106v (S I 281.9) Josephé and his
followers return to Galafort;
Coronation of Galaad.

f. 108 (S I 284.21)
King Mordrain receives Josephé's shield; Death of Josephé.

f. 108v (S I 286.1)
Alain le Gros and his followers convert  King Alphasem; his Baptism.
Border: affronted rams.