MODENA, Biblioteca Estense alpha E 39

Joseph, Merlin, Perceval, Mort Artu, Lapidaire

Scans made from slides purchased from the Bibl. Estense.
Identifications of the subjects of the historiated initials are by Linda Gowans.

Joseph,  f. 1
A prophet announcing the coming of Christ ?

Joseph, f. 9, initial cut out

Joseph, f. 12v
The letter for Petrus (a scroll) given from heaven who then gives it to Petrus

Merlin, f. 13v
The Harrowing of Hell (Christ rescuing the souls of Adam and Eve)

Merlin, f. 16
Blaise ('li preudom') counselling the future mother of Merlin

Merlin, f. 20
The Conception of Merlin

Merlin, f. 21v
Merlin's mother holding baby Merlin and two women before the judges

Merlin, f. 26v, initial cut out

Merlin, f. 31
King Pandragon and his two messengers, wearing chain mail and holding lances

Merlin, f. 35
Merlin addressing King Pandragon

Merlin, f. 40
The Conception of Arthur: Uterpandragon and Ygerne in bed

Merlin, f. 43
Arthur either drawing or replacing the sword before Entor; or Keu trying to draw the sword and being reproached by Entor

Perceval, f. 46v
Arthur exalting the Round Table and being crowned

Perceval, f. 55v
The Ugly Damsel and her knight, riding

Mort Artu, f. 66
King Arthur pleading with Merlin to tell him about the stone which joined up

Mort Artu, f. 71
The Roman Emperor and his messengers, wearing chain mail and holding swords, who return with Arthur's reply

Mort Artu, f. 73v
King Arthur and his men in mounted combat, striking an opposing knight with his lance