RENNES, Bibliothèque Municipale, MS 255, Estoire del saint Graal, Merlin, Lancelot 1, 2

Images on this page were taken for the Lancelot-Grail Project by DIAMM ( and are used by permission of the Bibliothèque municipale de Rennes.
References are to the editions by Sommer and Ponceau.  Text is © Alison Stones.

L'Estoire del saint Graal

S I 3. 1/Pon 1. 3. 1
f. 2, Christ hands a book to the hermit-author.

S I 20. 11/Pon 39. 58. 1+var
f. 7v, Vespasian and his men bid farewell to Joseph.

S I 22. 34/Pon 47. 71. 1
f. 9r, Annunciation to the Virgin

S I 27. 23/Pon 59. 91.1 +var
f. 10v, King Eualach in bed reflects on Josephe’s words

S I 29. 29/Pon 65. 99. 1
f. 11r, Josephe by his bed prays for King Eualach.

S I 51.6/Pon 106. 170. 1+var
f. 18v, King Eualach sends out his seneschal to ascertain the whereabouts of Tholomer.

S I 66. 18/Pon 134. 216. 1
f. 23v, King Eualach’s wife, Sarracinte enquires of Josephe and another Christian about the fate of her husband.

S I 73. 10/Pon 149. 239. 1
f. 25v, King Eualach, sitting on a throne beneath an arch, enquires of a man about the White Knight.

S I 84. 5/Pon 175. 286. 1
f. 29r, King Mordrain and Queen Sarracinte in bed; he dreams, she lies awake

S I 86. 30/Pon 181. 296. 1
f. 30r, Queen Sarracinte returns from church to find her people in a state of terror within her castle.

S I 88. 28/Pon 186. 303. 1
f. 30v, King Mordrain is transported in his bed to a rock in the ocean; pirates patrol in a boat.

S I 93. 8/Pon 197. 319. 2+var
f. 32r, King Mordrain speaks to Tout-en-tout who stands in a boat holding a book.

S I 107. 24/Pon 232. 375. 1
f. 36v, Nascien and his son Celidoine held in prison by Calafer; a hand siezes Nascien by the hair.

S I 111. 19/Pon 242. 389. 1
f. 38r, Nascien’s wife Flegentine and his son Celidoine leave their castle.

S I 114. 30/Pon 249. 401. 1
f. 39r, God in a cloud gestures towards Nascien
who arrives on horseback at the Turning Island.

S I 136. 35/Pon 291. 461. 1
f. 46r, Nascien and his companions look at the bed with the red, green and white spindles on the boat.

S I 164. 4/Pon 337. 529. 1)
f. 54v, Nascien’s wife sends out messengers on horseback to find her husband.

S I 171.1/Pon 349. 545. 1
f. 57r, The emperor, Augustus Caesar, and his companions watch Hippocrates cure his supposedly dead nephew.

S I 182. 34/Pon 370. 578. 1
f. 60v, Two messengers and damsel find the tomb of Hippocrates.

S I 197.1 + var/Pon 393. 618. 1
f. 68r, Nascien’s wife Flegentine, sitting outside her castle, laments her departed husband.

S I 208. 21/Pon 412. 648. 1
f. 68v, Josephe and his companions leave the city of Sarras.

S I 212. 31/Pon 419. 661. 1
f. 70r, Nascien, on the shore, stands talking to a man in a boat holding a book.

S I 219. 11/Pon 431. 682.1
f. 72v, Duke Ganor in bed reflects on what Celidoine had told him

S I 231. 4/Pon 453. 720.1)
f. 76v, Josephe’s companions travel in Norgales, bearing the Grail.

S I 266. 3/Pon 519. 821. 1
f. 89r, Symeu is carried off by two ‘fiery men’.

S I 270. 1/Pon 527. 833.1
f. 90v, Perron, standing in a boat, bids farewell
to Pharain and his companion.

S I 281. 9/Pon 548. 864. 1
f. 94v, Josephe rides away from Perron and Pharain.

S I 284. 21/Pon 555. 874. 1
f. 96r, Josephe blesses his brother Galaad after crowning him.

S I 286. 1/Pon 557. 878. 1
f. 96v, Alain weeps over Josephe on his deathbed.

S I 291.7/Pon 567. 893. 1
f. 98v-1, Nascien and King Mordrain at Josephe’s tomb.

S I 291. 21/Pon 568.894.1
f. 98v-2, Celidoine and his son bid farewell to Nascien.


f. 101 The Harrowing of Hell

f. 108 Vortiger elected king


f. 137 S III 3/1 E initial: Aramont, Lord of Brittany, becomes the vassal of Uterpandragon, King of Britain; both embark to fight King Claudas

f. 188v S III 175/18 O initial, standing youth holding a book

f. 189v S III 177/30 Q initial, Standing youth about to hurl a stone

f. 193 S III 189/18 O initial, Lancelot in bed tended by a hermit

f. 194 S III 192/30 C initial, Gauvain rides off together with the knight who guarded the ferry and the damsel whose lover had been killed


f. 195v-1 S III 196/30 O initial, Gauvain defeats King Doutres les Marches in mounted combat withe lances


f. 195v-2 S III 197/10 L initial, Lancelot, the damsel and Lancelot's squire ride off





f. 196v S III 199/21 C initial, King Arthur, enthroned, addresses his knights


f. 197-1 S III 201/1 Q initial, Lancelot, damsel and squire meet a man who tells them the Queen is at Camelot


f. 197-2 S III 201 O initial, Galeholt's knight addresses King Arthur, demanding lands on behalf of Galeholt

f. 197v S III 202/32 Q initial, Lancelot rides off, following his host


f. 199 S III 208/7 O initial, the knight who killed the giant meets a vavassor



f. 199v S III 210/15 King Arthur receives a messenger from the damsel of the Marches

f. 212 S III 249/35 Galeholt bids farewell to two companions


f. 227 S III 298/4 O initial, Gauvain's squire helps his master to disarm

f. 227v S III 300/12 O initial, the Lady of Roestoc and her companions received by King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

f. 230 S III 308/13 Queen Guinevere orders a wounded knight to be disarmed by a squire


f. 230v S III 309/38 O initial, Gauvain meets a damsel who holds a sword


f. 234 III 321/32 L initial, Hestor meets a damsel who holds a knight who has been wounded in the groin


f. 245v-1 S III 357/10 O initial, Lancelot talks with Galehot of his lovesickness

f. 245v-2 S III 358/7 O initial, Gauvain rides up to a priest dressed in white



f. 250 S III 372/11 O initial, Lyonel rides up to a vavassor and his swooning niece

f. 255 S III 388/4 O initial, the daughter of the Lord of Lestoite Marche asks her father to help release Hestor from prison


f. 257 S III 394/33 O initial, Lyonel kneels before King Arthur and Queen Guinevere



f. 257v S III 395/11 O initial, Gauvain and his squire ride in search of adventure


f. 258 S III 397/27 C initial, Hestor meets a squire riding Gauvain's horse



f. 258v S III 400/16 O initial, Gauvain and Hestor arrive at the 'Ile perdue' where Lancelot is imprisoned in a tower


f. 262v S III 414/19 O initial, Camille orders the jailor to release Lancelot from prison



f. 267 S IV 3/1 LK 572.5 LM I 1 O initial, Lancelot and Galehout ride

f. 269 A initial, creature

f. 269v S IV 10/14 LM I 18

L initial, a messenger brings a letter from Galehot to King Arthur

f. 271v S IV 50. 1, LM I 107

O iniitial, Galehot grieves on hearing the news of the accusation brought against Queen Guinevere

Lancelot 3, La Charrette

f. 275 S IV 218. 40, LM II 95 O initial, Lancelot prisoner of the seneschal de Gorre